truck-mounts_hydramasterWe specialize in HydraMaster truckmount and van mounted carpet cleaning equipment and accessories. HydraMaster is a leading manufacturer of truckmount extractors and carpet cleaning equipment and TMS Cleaning Supplies & Equipment is western Canada’s leading distributor.

We work with the full range of direct drive and slide-in HydraMaster truckmount extractors including: Boxxer truckmounts, Titan truckmounts and CDS direct drive truckmounts.

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Slide In Model
Boxxer 318

boxxer 318

Boxxer 318HP


Boxxer 423


 Boxxer XL


 Titan 575


Titan H20


Benefits of Slide In Models

HydraMaster’s Slide-In Models offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable, high performance
  • Fits in any light duty van or trailer
  • Does not affect the mechanical integrity of the van
  • Vehicle does not have to be run while cleaning
Direct Drive Models
CDS 4.8 For GM & Chevy


CDS xDrive For Ford Transit

Benefits of Direct Drive Models

The CDS 4.8 has been the most popular van-powered system for two decades. It features OverDrive™ Power Train Technology that takes the hard work out of tough residential and commercial cleaning jobs. Plus, its simple design makes training crew members easy.  HydraMaster’s Direct Drive Models offer the following benefits:

  • Space-saving design
  • Superior heat performance
  • Super reliable
  • Dependable performance
  • CDS Electronic Speed Control to increase vacuum performance by 30% and reduce fuel consumption
  • Number one in user-friendly operation

Let us help you Start, Build & Grow your business!

Call 778-998-7512.