We use only the best equipment and work with the top manufacturers in the industry and that is why we design and install Cleanco Truckmounts. Cleanco is one of the top manufactures of truckmount extractors in the business. They also supply a complete line of truckmount accessories and tools.

In fact Cleanco was the first in the industry to patent a direct drive, power take off (P.T.O.) hot water extractor. The Cleanco compact truckmount line gives you all the power you need for upholstery, carpet and hard surface cleaning, and leaves you much needed cargo space.

We strive to provide the best user-friendly and profit-generating truckmount solutions in the industry. If you’re interested in a Cleanco truckmount please contact us today.

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Compact 45


Compact 47



Cleanco takes pride in the practical configuration of their cleaning equipment.  With every Cleanco Compact direct drive truckmount, you have open cargo space in your van.

Complete truckmount operation starts with the precisely designed control panel featuring a gauge monitoring package, pressure & temperature controls and a dual speed setting for upholstery, carpet or hard surface cleaning.

Let us help you Start, Build & Grow your business!

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